Which Operating System Is for You?

The well known  Intel Inside slogan  (1990 2003)
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“Everyone likes a good ‘I’m a Mac/I’m a PC’ commercial, but how do you really decide between today’s operating systems?

All the major OSs run on Intel chips, so the playing field has leveled quite a bit. Running multiple operating systems on each computer you own, be it a Mac or a PC, is no big deal these days. Why choose just one?

The field may have leveled, but it’s not flat. The OSs still differ in many ways, not all of which are on the surface.” I use all of the operating systems mentioned in this article interchangeably. The one that holds the least promise is Vista. The most? Ubuntu! It’s the perfect synthesis of Mac and Windows, but it runs on inexpensive Intel based hardware. Click here to read the full article online. Please comment with your experiences!

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