Again with the ScribeFire!

I have a few ‘secret weapons’ that I write about all the time [I guess that makes them ‘not so secret’]. The problem is that few people pay attention to these pearls of wisdom, so I’m always looking for fresh ways to bring them to mind again [and again and again]. This time it’s ScribeFire — the tool that single-handedly changed me from a content consumer to a content producer

“Creating successful social media content isn’t just status updates. Take your top keywords (including your company name, product name, etc.) and search for them on Google, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SocialMention.

What shows up in these search results? How much photo and video content appears? Content from your competitors? From fans? You’ll be amazed at how many content-creation ideas this simple exercise can generate.” Source: Build Your Brand a Social Content Ladder in 5 Steps | Blogging and Content Creation | Social Media Consulting – Convince & Convert

Now, take what Jay said at ‘Convince and Convert’ and add this on top!

“My excuse is always that I don’t have time, or it’s so difficult because I have to go to the Admin area of my blog, or I have to open up a blogging tool like Windows Live Writer and then write my blog entry. What makes it more annoying for me is that I like to write while I’m browsing the Internet, so that I can look up quotes or locate references for my article. The time and effort all of this takes is often enough to make me procrastinate and do other work instead.

After taking this training, I decided to look for a tool that would remove all of these inefficiencies that keep me from blogging. Of course, the first place to check for such a tool is MUO, and once again MakeUseOf did not let me down. I discovered Lee’s Scribefire review with a head-to-head comparison between ScribeFire and DeepestSender – two of the most popular and powerful in-browser blogging applications. After reading his post, as well as Damien’s brief mention of it, it didn’t take me long to realize that ScribeFire is exactly the tool that I need.” Source: How To Blog Better From Your Browser With Scribefire

Sorry to be such a kvetch but go to the source for the rest of these articles — they are both winners —  especially if you’re one of those people who are intrigued by blogging and social media but don’t think they have the time to add it to their already overflowing plates. Using this tool combined with Google Reader [another Killer App I’m always writing about] will put you MILES AHEAD of any other thought leaders in your space [unless they’re already a customer of mine!]. As the Good Book says, “He who has ears, let him hear“…

btw, those of you intrigued by the possibility of using this tool to become a content producer or thought leader should comment, call or contact me at their earliest convenience — as you can tell I love to talk about this stuff! Oh, and sorry for getting so preachy…



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