AGCO breaks new ground. Again.

Ever the innovator in social media, AGCO is launching a new Blogger blog today…

“A Blogger blog” you say? A global farm implement giant like AGCO surely has other options. “Exactly!” we say, but none were better than Blogger for this project. Here’s why:

  • AGCO already has a main corporate site done in RedDot; we needed a “good, fast, and cheap” solution for blogging that was quick to set up and easy to deploy as well as cost effective
  • Recent improvements to Blogger like the ability to add pages to a blog make Blogger an alternative now where it wasn’t before
  • We’re also thinking that using a Google product for blogging won’t hurt our SEO, either! 😉

Sue Otten, Director, Corporate Marketing & Brand Communications Worldwide, said “AGCO is thrilled to launch our blog. It is an important tool we are adding to our social media communications strategy. It will help us build and support our customers and communities.”

From my perspective, I’m thrilled to see what AGCO is doing in social media [and I’m thrilled to see that they’re doing it with a team from Northeast Wisconsin!]. While it’s great to see that their Facebook page has over 12,000 ‘fans’ and growing, there’s a subtle message here that could be lost in the shuffle; namely, while AGCO has a bigger budget than most small businesses, they are effectively leveraging the same “good, fast, and cheap” tools that are available to all organizations everywhere.

btw, Initial design on the background was done by Envano and implementation, training and support was/is provided by e1evation. Comment, call or use the contact form to to talk about how this applies to your business…


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