Some thoughts on blogs and enewsletters

A recent seminar participant emailed me today asking my recommendations on enewsletters and I’m responding via blog post as I often do…

The biggest challenge with enewsletters from my perspective is that you have to actually do them. At some point in time you realize it’s time to do the newsletter and if you haven’t been continually gathering content, you slap something together and send it out. It’s a pity, really, because you worked hard to get someone to sign up for the enewsletter, but you’re not making the most of the opportunity.

I used to be a big ConstantContact user and I had so many problems with them that I renamed them ‘ConstantConflict’. Constant battling over spam rates and an interface that was clumsy and difficult to use. Enewsletters became much more doable and sustainable for me when I found a tool that would convert blog posts into enewsletter content automatically via an rss feed [unfortunately or fortunately, ConstantConflict doesn’t offer that feature so it was easy to let them go.]

In the blogging workflow above, all I have to do is worry about creating one perfect post [like this one!]. That post automatically goes to my Facebook Page which in turn posts to Twitter — all automatically!

When it comes to enewsletters, I’m currently using FeedBlitz and it has worked well for me for many years. My newsletter goes out to my mailing list every night at midnight. It captures anything that I posted that day and turns it into newsletter content with a link back to my post. Magic!

I have to admit I’m getting more and more interested in MailChimp [although I have to admit that I HATE THE NAME]. I’ve heard great things about them and one of these weekends when I have some extra time I’m going to do a little experimenting. If I switch, you’ll be the first to know…

Questions? Feedback? You know what to do…


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