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James Dunworth says…

“Over the years I have spent hours working on tweaks to my websites that have lead to zero or imperceptible improvement in rankings and earnings.

On other hand, I have also made changes which took just a few minutes of my time – and lead to huge changes in profits and revenues.

All of the changes here took less than an hour to implement.” Source: Small Changes That Lead to Big Results

You can follow the source to read the rest of the article — James has got some great advice, but I’m wanting to head in a different direction…

I too have made many changes to my blog over the years — some imperceptible, some ‘earth shattering’ — in my world anyway. Nothing, however, has affected my traffic more than starting to use Posterous as a front end for my business blog. Look below:

Personally, I thought Posterous was a joke when I first saw it — a tool for baby bloggers — until I saw that Guy Kawasaki — a person for whom I have deep respect and admiration — was using it for his ‘Holy Kaw!’ blog. I said “Self, Guy Kawasaki is a bright guy and he has unlimited access to a lot of other bright guys. If he has chosen Posterous, maybe I need to rethink my position…”

Well I did and I found that Posterous combined with Shareaholic [especially on Chrome] is an unbeatable combination for thought leaders. Using this combination, I can post a quote, a picture or a video to my blog in the same amount of time that it used to take me to save a bookmark. It has made a huge difference in my client base as well — I can teach a Posterous based workflow in minutes compared to the hours I used to spend teaching posting to WordPress. Here’s a sample…


Whether it’s for my business or personal blogs, or my client’s blogsites, Posterous saves me time and we all know what time equals. Comment, call or use the contact form to discuss how this applies to your business or your blog…


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