The 'e1evation workflow' continues to deliver!

In my effort to develop a powerfully simple workflow for my clients, I came up with something so elegant that I had to use it myself. Here are the results after 1 quarter of use…

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Leaked Docs Show Apple Knows About iPhone 4’s Flaws

According to documents leaked to Boy Genius Report today, AppleCare representatives are being given a strong company line to deliver to unhappy iPhone 4 owners who complain about reception issues.

Employees are told to say that the device’s reception performance “is the best we have ever shipped” and that its critical antenna flaws are “a fact of life in the wireless world.” They are told not to perform service on iPhones with these problems and instead to give customers a PR-driven recitative instead.

In a nutshell, Apple knows the phone has problems but will insist that users are simply “holding it wrong.”

Larry King Live Ends, the Web Reacts

Preparing a Sermon and Blogging; Same Diff!

Here’s one for all my pastor friends! imho? Pastors should be using blogging more to establish a thought leadership position and drive traffic to their websites — hopefully, get more mindshare and attendance as a result. [Note: this speaker Darren Rowse is one of the top bloggers in the world and imho means ‘in my humble opinion’…]