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10 SEO Benefits Of WordPress

I know I have already made couple of big posts about how to optimize your wordpress for SEO and of course it involved usage some plugins which comes really handy to accomplish what we want. Today I am not going to give out any tutorials regarding wordpress seo. I am just going to point out what are the SEO benefits which wordpress comes with, without the usage of any plugins or addons or whatsoever.

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How an Ambitious Startup Wants to Revolutionize Banking

Tips for Handling Information Overload

The reality for anyone who does most of their work online is that information is endless, and keeping up with the most important information without becoming overwhelmed can be quite a challenge. As a community manager, I have to be able to process large quantities of information quickly and efficiently in order to do my job, but it’s easy to forget that not everyone lives in my world.

As I work with colleagues to help them get more involved in the community, the most common complaint is that they won’t be able to read everything and can’t keep up with the volume of information coming into the community. However, the key is not to try to read everything, but to learn how to filter and find the information that you do need to read.

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Spanning Backup Secures Your Data in Google's Cloud

Those who use Google Apps probably assume data is safer in a cloud than it is on a laptop, prone to being dropped and spilled upon. Spanning Backup says otherwise, offering data protection services against data loss on Google’s end.

The service, priced at $3.95 a month or $39.95 a year after a free 30 day trial, will backup your calendars, contacts, and Google Docs files in case of a cloud catastrophe. How much danger is your Google-hosted data in? Spanning Backup claims “data loss and corruption is a serious problem for Google Apps users,” though the list of complaints they point to on their site seems largely of the “Oh no I deleted all of my stuff by accident” variety.

Nonetheless, if you conduct serious business via Google Apps or store anything you would miss more than you’d miss forty bucks a year, Spanning Backup might be an affordable and hassle-free means of being confident in the security of your files once you close your browser.