Do you commute?

“Commuting doesn’t have to be the hellish experience it has been made out to be. You can learn a lot while commuting. I used to despise jumping on the train or taking the bus, but not anymore. I have everything set-up for my commuting adventures.

I always have a book ready, or my iPod loaded up with material for me to listen to. I like to read and fill my brain with knowledge, so finding material is easy. The biggest problem you’ll face is preparation. You have to prepare yourself for your commutes, otherwise you’ll most likely not bring the best material with you.

I’ve learned a lot while sitting on trains, buses and airplanes. It feels more cumbersome to bring something with you, but you’ll be thankful you did when you’re sitting there with nothing to do.” Source: 7 Productive Things You Can Do While Commuting – by Dumb Little Man

My commute to the office is only 3.5 miles, but clients are another matter altogether — some of them may be 2 hours away! Go to the source to get some great ideas on implementing what Zig Zigler used to call the ‘automobile university’, 2010 style…


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