Five Best Netbooks

#1 son calls me this evening and tells me that his beautiful girlfriend Melissa needs a new netbook. Kudos to #1 for having the sense to call me! Normally, I’d charge beaucoup bucks for this kind of advice, but since Melissa’s such a cutie, this one’s on the house…

First off, I’d follow the ‘via’ link above and read last week’s article on the top 5 netbooks according to Lifehacker readers. Second? I’d talk a look at this ‘back to school’ guide article from Engadget — it’s got some great input as well. I’m surprised, however, that neither article mentions the HP Mini 5102…

Earlier in the year, Engadget had a review of the 5102 in which they said in part…

There are netbooks and then there’s the HP Mini 5102. Or at least that’s always been our impression of the 10-inch business and education targeted laptop, since it isn’t every day that you see what’s supposed to be a secondary system with a 7,200rpm hard drive, durable aluminum chassis, spill resistant keyboard and capacitive touchscreen options. Or you know, a $415 starting price. The Mini 5102 doesn’t fall into the same class as those $299 netbooks — considering our review unit rings up at $668 and all — but does the extra dough really pay off in a noticeably better shrunken computing experience?

The only reason I can guess as to why they excluded the HP 5102 is that the price is slightly higher than most netbooks. Now Melissa, I know the HP 5103 [5102 is no longer available] is more money than what Keegan said you wanted to spend but I’ve used an ASUS netbook which Lifehacker recommends and I’ve use the 5102 and believe me, the 5103 is worth the extra dinero! You can probably get an educational discount throught the school as well.

Do yourself a favor and read all three articles, filter them through your priorities and make a decision — you really can’t go totally wrong with any of these! Call me at 920-710-0790 if you have any more questions — always happy to help you out…


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