Now you can get the Gist in Gmail

If you follow this blog at all, you know I’m crazy about a product called Gist [hit the search box if you don’t believe me!]. Gist is easily one of the top 7 tools in my social media toolbox [btw, it’s also in the running as a product of the year in the upcoming first annual ‘e1evation awards’.] Why? Simply put, Gist allows me to easily keep track of all the thought leaders in my inbox by giving me a simple dashboard that aggregates everything they say in one place. Using Gist is a simple way to ‘sit next to the smartest kid in the class’ as I say in my seminars — it brings together all the things they say each day in one place…

Take John Jantsch for example. I could spend all day following John on his blog, on Twitter and in Facebook, but Gist puts it all together for me in one place [click the image for a better view]. Sure, I could probably accomplish this in Google Reader using rss feeds, but Gist adds some really nice touches that make it worthwhile to add this tool to my repertoire. In addition to tracking their blog, their rss feed, their tweets and Facebook posts, it also brings together my calendar, any notes about the person, our correspondence, any attachments, shared contacts — even a Google search with images and text — all in one place. Furthermore, you can send a message to the person and ask them to update their profile for you. If you use the appropriate plugins for Outlook, Google Apps or now Gmail, you’ll also get a quick summary of the people attached to each email along with every message. Finally, if you use an iOS or Android phone, you can get Gist there a well. These are just a couple of reasons for using Gist that pop into my head at 6:16 AM — go to Gist and take the tour for yourself and you’ll see why it has quickly become one of the most important tools in my arsenal in the war against information overload…

If it’s true that social media is about building relationships, you need a tool like Gist to track and manage the thought leaders who are important to you and your business.


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