While you were sleeping 1/28/2010

Apple Inc - Photo from my iBook
Image by Farid Iqbal via Flickr

Apple changed the world. Again…

“Apple today announced the iPad, the tablet-sized computing and communications device that has generated more bits of industry speculation than any previous product in memory. Featuring a 9.7-inch display and an optional keyboard dock, the iPhone OS-based iPad will be available for prices ranging from $499 to $829, depending on storage capacity and 3G data capability. Wi-Fi-only models will go on sale in March 2010, with Wi-Fi+3G data models in April.” Source: TidBITS iPod & iPhone: The iPad Arrives

btw, I just want to remind you that if it hadn’t been for my business development efforts in Wisconsin in the dark Apple days of 1998-99, there would have been no iPad… 😉

Best coverage of the event and all of the aftershocks is at Alltop

Elsewhere, Google began integrating social content from your friends in search, making search more of a ‘team effort’…


You can find these, as well as a ton of other great stuff, in the e1evation friendfeed. Have a great day!

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