Why Everyone is Now Talking About Klout

“Ever since I published my post a short two weeks ago, and Joe Fernandez, CEO, Klout, was kind to discuss the company’s and tool’s genesis at lunch the day the post published, many have entered the fray. Geoff Livingston was writing about it on the very same day, too.

Of course, it is a bigger conversation than any one tool, and there’s room for everybody to comment and add their experience. This not being a popularity contest, or a contest of any kind, big props to Geoff for staying ahead on the story and for linking to other resources besides this one.

Who doesn’t love a good conversation? For this week’s post, we’ll get right to it with two of the most frequently asked questions.” Me? I think Klout is overrated, but maybe its because I don’t have a good Klout rating. 😀


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