Getting started with SEO

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One of the main benefits of adding a blog to your website is the lift it gives your site — blogging rocks at generating traffic! Why? Because frequent posting feeds search engines which measure value of a site in part by how frequently it’s updated. Each post you create can also be loaded with metadata for the search engines which will help people to find you. This morning I stumbled across this document from Google that will give you some additional ideas as to how to get your site up to speed search engine-wise…

“Webmasters often ask us at conferences or in the Webmaster Help Group, “What are some simple ways that I can improve my website’s performance in Google?” There are lots of possible answers to this question, and a wealth of search engine optimization information on the web, so much that it can be intimidating for newer webmasters or those unfamiliar with the topic. We thought it’d be useful to create a compact guide that lists some best practices that teams within Google and external webmasters alike can follow that could improve their sites’ crawlability and indexing.

Our Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing. We felt that these areas (like improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, and more) would apply to webmasters of all experience levels and sites of all sizes and types. Throughout the guide, we also worked in many illustrations, pitfalls to avoid, and links to other resources that help expand our explanation of the topics. We plan on updating the guide at regular intervals with new optimization suggestions and to keep the technical advice current.

So, the next time we get the question, “I’m new to SEO, how do I improve my site?”, we can say, “Well, here’s a list of best practices that we use inside Google that you might want to check out.”” Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Want to know how you’re doing seo-wise right now? Head over to HubSpot’s website grader and test your site. If it needs improvement [and most sites do — including this one! ;-)] download Google’s pdf and start chipping away at improving your SEO today…


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