Go figure…My wife loves the Chrome Notebook!

A couple days ago, I explained why I was passing my Google Chrome Notebook on to my wife. It was a grand experiment and also a way to make sure that when I used my computer I wasn’t still logged in to her Facebook account. It’s been less than a week, but my technophobic wife completely surprised me when, from day one, she genuinely liked her new computer.

“It’s easy,” she explained. “It does exactly what I need it to and it takes me exactly where I need to go. I like how you set up a little button for my email.”

I can’t take credit for the Gmail icon that appears in the default browser window. It’s just a link to your default account with which most Chrome users will be familiar. However, for a person whose only reasons to get online are email, Facebook, and the occasional bit of research, shopping, or homework help for the kids, it’s a nice approach.

For her, it was always a struggle just to find the browser. “What do I use again? Foxfire? Chrome?” It wasn’t as if she was looking Adobe InDesign. She just wanted to get online. With Chrome OS, of course, you are online. That’s the whole point. Open the notebook, enter your password if necessary, and you’re there.

Not my wife — the author’s wife, but mine is the same way. These might be the perfect computers for most end users. Follow the ‘via’ link to go to the source…


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