5 reasons why companies should spend LESS time listening to social media experts

“Your company should be aware of what the leaders and experts in this space are saying and doing. But you shouldn’t do anything simply because they are, nor should you dismiss their methods simply because you believe that ‘social media experts’ are all ‘snake oil salesmen’. Look for trends, ways that most of the leaders in this space are using social media, or what they are teaching, and look critically at their lessons and if they can apply to your company’s efforts. Don’t view them as a ‘cheatsheet’ for using social media, but rather as another resource for your company.” This is a good article to consider. We, however, are not one of the social media ‘snake oil’ salesmen. We eat our own dogfood and our practical, tactical approach to social media can help you accomplish your objectives in the space. Follow the ‘via’ link above to go to the source if you’re interested in the author’s perspective…


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