10 Mobile Trends for 2011

Forrester’s 2011 report began by analyzing its performance on last’s year’s predictions. Overall, the firm gave itself a B+ on accuracy. It says that the trends we saw last year will continue in the year ahead. These included around 20 trends that were lumped into four general categories: disruptive forces, emerging trends, consumer use of mobile for commerce and company spending on mobile.

Last year, Forrester had claimed that we would see non-telco companies like Apple, Google and Facebook seeing increased importance as key players in the mobile ecosystem, we would see increasing device and OS (operating system) fragmentation, the increased integration of location and social into mobile services, increased consumer use of mobile commerce services and mobile product professionals would be increasing their mobile budgets.

While those still hold true, says Forrester, new trends for 2011 are emerging…

You can follow the ‘via’ link above to go to the source to learn more…


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