Smartphones transform outdoor ads

According to a study by the out of home company, smartphones have altered the potential value of outdoor advertising because consumers are increasingly likely to act upon commercial messages while outdoors.

The study argues that brands must review how they use outdoor advertising to keep up with consumers likely to access the internet from mobile devices more than desktop commuters in two years.

CBS Outdoor carried out a Europe wide study into how people interact, engage and view outdoor advertising and the impact that smartphones and mobile internet devices have on advertising strategies.

Antonio Alonso, CEO of CBS Outdoor International, says: “The way people relate to outdoor will continue to evolve. Savvy advertisers know that dead time on journeys is being filled by the use of mobile, shaping a world where people can react instantly to commercial messages when they are on the move.

“With outdoor advertising there is a growing opportunity to leverage this new mobile power to reach people on the path to purchase.”

The report adds that there is also an opportunity for brands to enhance their communications by integrating their outdoor advertising strategies with location-based social media services such as FourSquare and Facebook Places, which provide an opportunity for consumers to interact with outdoor media while they are on the move.


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