I build blogsites that drive traffic

If you want to build your brand on the internet, there is no better home base you can choose than a blog enabled website or ‘Blogsite’. Period. End of sentence. HubSpot says “companies that blog get 55% more visitors, have 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages” — based on that data, is there anything better that ‘blog enabling’ your next website?

Whether you’re looking for a website with a blog or a blog with static pages you can use to describe your organization, WordPress rules! My goal is not to develop the most beautiful or the most ‘edgy’ sites, but rather, sites that load fast, that are social media hubs, and that are easy for their owners to update — even via email!

Lately, I’ve also been doing some work in Google‘s blogger and it makes a great, lower cost alternative for organizations that are just getting started with a website. Likewise, Facebook pages are on the rise as a “good, fast, and cheap” way for an organization to build their brand on the internet. We can help you choose the right alternative and help you implement it.

Here’s a gallery of some of the WordPress, Blogger and Facebook sites I’ve developed and implemented, either by myself or in conjunction with the folks I partner with…

All blogsite customers have exclusive access to our library of training videos with support for the e1evation ‘practical, tactical’ social media workflow…

Which of these galleries do you like better? Please comment below…

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