The Upside Of A Recession: 'The Dumbbells Cut Back… The Smart People Don't'

“The market drops 370 points in a single day, corporate earnings disappoint and housing prices continue to sink. We are in uncertain economic times. We may be in a recession right now, or could slip into one next week… or next month.

As optimists, we don’t like forecasting difficult economic times. But, even optimists have to come to grips with the realities of our uncertain marketplace.

With economic anxiety looming, many of our clients are asking: how should I position and market my firm in the year to come? Assuming yours is a healthy company, here are our general recommendations.” RainToday

This quote is one of the first I posted here almost three years ago — sad to see the recession is still a business topic…


The One Service Every Consultant Should Offer

Great stuff!

“A participant of a recent webcast asked me if there is one service every consultant should offer. I didn’t hesitate with my answer. Every practice, no matter how different, should offer clients a diagnostic assessment.

You might refer to this service as a strategic review, a gap analysis, a business process evaluation, or even an initial consultation. Whatever you call it, your service should evaluate a specific area of client concern in a relatively short, systematic way and offer objective advice. The emphasis is on “short,” “systematic,” and “objective.”

For example, one consultant offers a two-week assessment of client call center operations. During that time, the consultant analyzes the call center’s customer service performance, employee productivity, financial performance, and management effectiveness.” Source: The One Service Every Consultant Should Offer – RainToday

Go to the source and read the whole article…

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Vista Ultimate and Premium Get Price Cuts

“Microsoft has announced price cuts for the two versions of Windows Vista that come with Media Center and other features. Windows Vista Home Premium, the version that adds Aero, Media Center, Tablet support, Meeting Space, SideShow, scheduled backups, DVD Maker, three more games, and high def Movie Maker, drops from $159 for an upgrade to $129, just $30 above the price of the under-powered Home Basic.

Windows Vista Ultimate, the version that has everything in Premium plus Complete PC Backup, Fax & Scan, Remote Desktop, and BitLocker Drive Encryption, drops even further, going from $299 down to $219. The price cuts are only for the versions in retail stores, which is fine, since that’s the version you’d be buying anyways.” LOL…

IMHO, they should pay end users $219 to install it! Upgrading to Vista is one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and the insidious back room deals between hardware manufacturers and Microsoft are reprehensible. On the bright side, Vista was the reason I discovered Ubuntu

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