Does Anyone Bookmark Anymore?

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Remember the bookmark – the thing you did after finding an interesting Web site that you didn’t want to forget?

The bookmark was an amazing tool because it became a personal category of online discoveries.

We were so taken with what was available on the Web that using a bookmark was an easy way to mark the spot just in case we couldn’t find the Web site again. It explained why our browsers were chock-a-block with bookmarks, even if we didn’t re-visit many of the sites.

As the Web matured, the bookmark got more advanced with services such as putting the bookmark into the cloud so there was a place to store them and share our discoveries with other people. Amazing.

Today, however, the bookmark seems to have disappeared. When was the last time you bookmarked a Web site, or for that matter, used Maybe we don’t need the bookmark anymore or maybe the bookmark just hasn’t kept up with how we use the Web.

Any thoughts? Is the bookmark dead?

Yes and no. The STATIC bookmark is dead but the SOCIAL bookmark is not only alive and well, but it’s a super smart way to promote your brand, personal or business…

What does that mean? Bookmarks in your browser don’t benefit anyone but you — heck, if you only bookmark to your browser, that ‘desktop’ bookmark isn’t even available on your notebook or smartphone. If, however, you use a social bookmarking tool like Delicious or my favorites Posterous, Google Reader shared items or Twitter via Shareaholic, not only will they be accessible from anywhere, but they will be a reflection of your thought leadership position that is searchable, findable, knowable, usable and shareable by almost 2 billion people besides yourself


Every once in awhile…

…I stumble upon something that I had used once and had forgotten and can’t remember why I stopped. This morning I fell in love with Shareaholic all over again…

“Shareaholic makes it easy for you to submit the web page you’re on to your favorite sharing or bookmarking service, including: digg,, facebook, friendfeed,, connotea, google bookmarks, google reader notes, gmail, kaboodle, magnolia, meneame, mixx, myspace, plurk, reddit,, stumbleupon, tipjoy, tumblr, twine, twitter, weheartit, yahoo buzz, and ycombinator. You can also e-mail the web page directly to a friend.” Source: Shareaholic – The browser add-on extension to share, bookmark and e-mail web pages quickly

Why is this important? Let me try to net it out quickly…

Finding a great website may help you advance your knowledge but what if you had a way to share it with others that required little or no additional effort? Wouldn’t that be worth it? Sure, there are some websites that I keep for my own private use, but for the sites that contain good information for my ‘followers’, I can post those sites to my ‘rooms’ in FriendFeed and they show up as featured articles in the right hand column of my blog. That way, these bookmarks benefits me as well as the rest of the world and make my site more of a destination because of the valuable resources that are there! If you want to drive people to your website or blog, give me a call at (920) 486-4798 or drop me a note using the contact form above. I can help!

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Tactic #7: Bookmark socially!

Although the perspective focuses on Delicious, the message is clear; Bookmarking has more value when you use a tool that saves your bookmarks out to a website where they can be accessed or shared from any computer to any computer or user


My favorite tool of this sort is called ‘FriendFeed’. Here’s a little on the philosophy and strategy behind FriendFeed…


Now, something about the tactics…


Things I love about FriendFeed:

  1. It can aggregate content from over 60 different sources to create one mega lifestream and/or you can keep separate streams by creating rooms
  2. You can easily share that stream with your Friendfeed friends
  3. You can integrate it with Facebook or your blog or an rss reader
  4. It’s easy to add content to your FriendFeed stream via Shareaholic, ShareThis or the FriendFeed bookmarklet

Things I don’t love about FriendFeed?

  1. The friend management tools are kludgy and probably won’t be fixed in the near future because of #2.
  2. It was acquired by Facebook and it’s future is uncertain!

Finally, a bit of humor. Here’s the Führer’s perspective on the FriendFeed acquisition… 😉