How DO You Do It?

Stay on top of your industry, that is. If you’re a business professional in any category and you’re not using Google Reader or some lesser tool to monitor newsfeeds, I’m very concerned about your future. Whoa. What did you say, Todd? I said, I’m very concerned about your future!

You see, unless you’re working on a production line somewhere making widgets for an hourly wage [not that there’s anything wrong with that — I’ve done it myself] your growth and advancement in business and in life [see this if you don’t believe me] depends on your ongoing professional development and that depends in large part upon your ability to aggregate, manage, and leverage relevant information

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Top Open Source Downloads…

Kudos to the folks at Datamation who put this list together…

“Tired of your boring screensavers? Need a game that allows you to survive the boring hours before quitting time? Wish your PC looked more like the terminals in the Matrix?

Or maybe you’re more business-minded: do you need an open-source solution for ERP? Project management? Bookkeeping? CRM?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, keep reading. These 75 noteworthy projects – each deserving of your love and affection – will help you do everything from creating desktop widgets to avoiding repetitive-stress injuries to visualizing distant, exotic landscapes. Or at least dreaming of life beyond your cubicle… “ 75 Popular Open Source Desktop Downloads

There are other lists for specific applications here

It is possible to have a rich computing experience without paying through the nose for Apple Hardware or Microsoft software. You betcha! It all begins with Ubuntu! Use the contact form if you want to know more…

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Reject the Recession!

Here’s an interesting presentation from Marketing Savant Dana VanDen Heuvel. You can find him online at

Stop the presses!

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...
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I’m admitting that I may have been wrong. Yup. That’s right. I MAY have been wrong…

Last summer I battled with 64-bit Vista and lost. I wrote about the experience here and here and here. One of my readers — a young computer genius named Paul from St. Norbert took issue with me in the comments saying…

Used x64 Vista for a full year… contrary to what they told me, all of my 32-bit drivers worked just like they were supposed to. The speed increase over XP was enormous.

Upgraded to win7x64 the day it came out, even better…

Granted most of my software is still 32-bit, but a 64-bit processor will run in 32-bit mode anyway – it just uses half of the register length. I don’t see why using x64 should slow anything down…

Well, contrary to what my wife and children say I’m not close-minded. At least not on technology issues. Or something like that. Let’s not go there…

Anyway, I had a chance to use Windows 7 64-bit on a project for a week. My assessment? It doesn’t suck. Far from it. I hesitate to say it, but it may even rock! Read more of this post

Collaboration with Google Docs




H/t Bill…

Tactic #10; Do it on the go!

Finally! The final post of the “Top 10 Tactics and Tools” series and we’re ending on a high note in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress. I’m going to let “guest quoter” Chamath Palihapitiya of Facebook set the table…

“Yesterday, in a session on ‘Mobile Communications 2.0′ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Facebook’s VP of User Growth, Mobile and International Expansion Chamath Palihapitiya shared the social networking giant’s current mobile strategy and its plans for the future.

It was in this session that the company for the first time talked about its latest product, Facebook Zero, which is essentially a stripped down, text-only version of the mobile website for the social networking service. The product aims to give mobile carriers a way to offer a basic Facebook experience to their subscribers free of charge and later convert those users into premium data service customers.

We recorded the entire 16-minute session and uploaded it to our YouTube account – these are the highlights of the presentation:

– Facebook believes 2010 will be a watershed year for mobile
– The service is now actively used by more than 400 million people
– They want to make Facebook even more ubiquitous and reach billions of users
– 100 million users (25% of total number of users) actively uses Facebook’s mobile products at least once a month
– 200 million people have interacted with Facebook on mobile at least once” Source: Facebook’s Mobile Strategy Condensed Into 16 Minutes (Video)

Here’s a 16 minute video that spells it out…


What does this mean for you? You’d better make it mobile! Whatever you’re doing internet-wise [snap! I went there, Clay!] you’d better take mobile platforms into consideration. The great thing is that it’s easy to do. Every site I set up automatically features WPtouch iPhone Theme, a plugin which formats your site with a mobile theme for the Apple iPhone / iPod touch, Google Android and other touch-based smartphones. Try it! Enter in your smartphone browser and see how nicely it functions! Please don’t get sucked into spending a lot of money building a proprietary iPhone app — especially when Google’s Android OS is seriously cutting into iPhone market share! Use WordPress combined with this plugin and you’ll have all the mobile app you need. btw, as you look back over this series almost every single tool I recommend has a mobile version — I don’t recommend anything that doesn’t!

I hope you’ve enjoyed and implemented some of these “Top 10 Tactics and Tools for Tightening your Tribe” and I’d like to take this opportunity to make three big announcements. Ready?

I’m always harping about the value of blogging, but did you know that blogging has great benefit for the blogger as well, especially when it comes to ‘finding your voice’ and finding your passion. I started out writing about marketing, sales and technology for small business owners and other thought leaders. Over time, I realized that one of my targeted audiences is the marketing professional that is struggling to add social media to the mix. I’d like to think that few people have a better handle on what tactics and tools a person in that position might need to actually save time as they add additional marketing channels. While I do offer what I call a “social media integration” package for my customers, I’m announcing today that this series will now be available in the form of an online instructor-led [me!] training course called the Social Media Academy. In addition, there will also be a weekly podcast that focuses on social media tools as well as an ebook which is currently under development as “The Damn Good Social Media Guide”. These three products — the course, the podcast, and the ebook — will be available April 4, 2010. If you’d like to help with beta testing [which translates into great savings!] comment, call or contact me!