What the Heck is This?

Oh, yeah! It’s the dumbest ad campaign of the past decade…


How DO You Do It?

Stay on top of your industry, that is. If you’re a business professional in any category and you’re not using Google Reader or some lesser tool to monitor newsfeeds, I’m very concerned about your future. Whoa. What did you say, Todd? I said, I’m very concerned about your future!

You see, unless you’re working on a production line somewhere making widgets for an hourly wage [not that there’s anything wrong with that — I’ve done it myself] your growth and advancement in business and in life [see this if you don’t believe me] depends on your ongoing professional development and that depends in large part upon your ability to aggregate, manage, and leverage relevant information

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What is this Twitter Thing About?

Twitter is more than just a curiousity — it’s a powerful tool for spreading your message. Contact me if you’re interested in knowing more…

11 Lessons Learned From Podcasting

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“We all know that there is growing agreement that podcasts are a great way to share your thought-leading content.

According to a study released by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann on the emerging role of new media, over 41 percent of survey respondents claimed they had listened to podcasts on more than one occasion, and 13 percent stated that they frequently download or listen to them; and 65 percent of podcast listeners said they listen to podcasts for both personal and business interests (source: Emerging Media Series: The Influence of Podcasts on B2B Technology Purchase Decisions, July 2006).

There is increasing demand for podcasts as part of the marketing arsenal to engage audiences and advance conversations with prospective customers. Podcasting is proving to be a great way share multimedia content because your audience can fetch it automatically or when it fits their schedule. Podcasts are fun and easy to do and there are plenty of free or cheap ways to get started. Click here to read the original article or give me a call at (920) 486-4798 if you’d like to know more…

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Collaboration with Google Docs


Living with Data

iPhone Users. How cool is this?